Benefits Of Planning For Care

“Planning for Care’s commitment to innovation and development in the Nursing and Care Home sector has led us to develop a readily accessible, web-based resource that can easily be used by Care Home operators, Nurses and Carers.”

– Sheena Caplan, Founder and Managing Director

People today have extremely high expectations of excellent service and in a Care Home the standards of nursing care and services have to improve continually. Many Care Homes are now subject to grading or rating. Once certain levels are achieved the Care Home operator can benefit financially, but adverse comments and findings in an inspection report can have a negative impact on occupancy levels.

Regulators’ Demands

Regulatory bodies are rightly paying closer attention than ever before to record keeping. They are demanding that Care Home operators improve their management systems and standards of paper work.

Within 24 hours of a resident’s admission assessments and a basic care plan must be produced. Producing excellent Nursing Care Plans in a care home environment can be a difficult and time consuming task. Now you can put Planning for Care’s experience to work for you.

Enable your Team

The Planning for Care system enables any nurse, key worker, or carer to formulate and write an extremely person-centred, comprehensive care plan for residents quickly.

Take Advantage of Templates that:

Ensure accurate and detailed nursing care plans are produced

Ensure all risks are identified and assessed
Guide and direct the nurse, key worker, or carer to ask the correct questions, to determine what issues the resident faces

Help the nurse, key worker or carer to analyse and set out clearly what plan of care is necessary for each resident

Provide a useful and detailed explanatory note on each issue giving valuable information to the person preparing or using the care plan

Dramatically reduce time spent preparing and writing care plans.

Free Updates

When you subscribe to Planning for Care services you receive, without further charge, all updates made to the service you purchase during that period. Subscribe now by creating your very own account which enables you access to our care plans and licences