Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I change the format of the Nursing Care Plan to suit my needs or those of the resident?

Yes. The Care Plan is set out in a Microsoft Word document, so the format can easily be edited.

2. Do I require a nurse to review the content of my Nursing Care Plan?

It is up to the Care Home operator to decide what level of authority you have, but it is certainly a good idea to have a nurse review it.

3. Can I change the content of the Nursing Care Plan after the initial plan has been completed?

Yes.  A Nursing Care Plan should always be updated and if necessary changed to reflect any changes in the health of the resident.

4. When should a Nursing Care Plan be prepared?

The initial Care Plan should be prepared within 24 hours of the resident being admitted, and any subsequent Care Plan should be prepared within 24 hours of a change to the health of the resident.

5. How will the use of the Planning for Care Solution benefit my business?

It will assist you in meeting the requirements of your Regulatory Authority, and your employees will save time in the completion of Care Plans and Assessments, which will free them up to perform other tasks

6. What happens if a resident or his or her relatives want the Nursing Care Plan changed?

All issues of this nature must be discussed with the resident, his or her relatives, and his or her General Practitioner, and on occasion other health professionals, such as a dietician, to determine what is right for the resident.

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