Planning for Care Video

Planning for Care Video

Britain’s nurses spend an estimated 2.5 million hours a week on “non-essential” paperwork and clerical tasks, according to poll results released on the 6th September 2013.

It is an essential requirement for Hospital and Care home managers to have accurate documentation and paperwork to enable them to evidence the quality of care they deliver.

Paperwork does, however, take up a disproportionate amount of a nurses or carers time and most nurses and carers enjoy the actual delivery of care rather than the documentation.

30 years ago written Nursing Care Plans did not exist but the care delivered was in the main excellent. Perhaps this was the case because the nurses did not have to spend a lot of their time producing the volume of paper work that is necessary today.

The focus on nursing appears to have changed, and instead of it being a wonderful, satisfying and fulfilling occupation, it is now a race against time.

Planning for Care was created to free the nurses and carers time and ensure the Nursing Care Plans produced were extremely detailed and personal.