Planning For Care

Planning For Care

The Royal College of Nursing believes nurses are burdened with too much paperwork and targets.

Planning for Care Limited was created by the owner of an award winning Care Home for the elderly, using her nursing background to develop this highly useful, time-saving management tool .

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Thousands of Nurses and Carers throughout the world are using and benefiting from the Nursing Care Management Solution.

Essential assessments and Nursing Care Plans must be produced for each resident and must be current and updated regularly. We appreciate that the paper work is essential, but it is equally important to work with the residents and deliver excellent, practical care. The demands on nurses and carers time is considerable.

The Planning for Care Solution helps you:

  • Save time writing up paper work
  • Create detailed and individualised nursing care plans quickly
  • Manage time more effectively
  • Promote and enable excellent care for all residents.

Our easy to use, educational and practical online management solution is specially designed to assist your Care Home in meeting Care Inspectorate or Care Quality Commission, CQC, requirements and standards with exemplary nursing care plans, policies and procedures.

Planning for Care Nursing Care Plan templates will guide nurses, key workers and carers to:

  • Ask the correct questions
  • Determine what issues the resident faces
  • Analyse and set out clearly what plan of care is necessary for each resident
  • Create an individualised, person-centred nursing care plan which can be followed easily.

The Planning for Care Aim

“We aim to make it easy to complete the important task of writing good person-centred nursing care plans for every resident. Planning for Care strives to provide a service that is not only affordable, but is also beneficial to the way in which you operate your business. The Planning for Care solution is an outstanding Care Home management tool which will help to raise nursing standards, and improve the quality of care for your residents, elderly or otherwise.”

– Sheena Johnstone, Founder and Managing Director