Video Tutorial Care Plan for Agitation

Tutorial on Completing A Nursing Care Plan for a Person with Agitated, Anxious or Distressed Behaviour

Simply view the video to see how easy and quick  using our Nursing Care Plan Templates can be.

It is so important for Nurses and Carers to really understand each condition and issue a person has and to endeavour to address and solve as many issues as they can.

This should happen on admission but a Nurse should continually strive to find ways of alleviating symptoms and solving issues faced by their resident or patient.

Click here for the Nursing Care Plan for Agitated, Anxious or Distressed behaviour.

Anxious, agitated or distressed behaviour can be a manifestation of frustration, boredom, fear, confusion, pain. It can be a manifestation of a persons search for safety, or their inability to request help.

The cause of this behaviour can be a physical pain or it may be due to the way carers or others are treating the person.

It is so important that everyone is aware of the cause and specifically where possible, how they can help.