Video Tutorial Care Plan for Anger and Aggression

Angry or aggressive behaviour can be a manifestation of frustration, boredom, fear, confusion, pain, search for safety, or the inability to request help.

If the person with Alzheimer’s or dementia is aggressive, it is so important to consider what might be contributing to the change in their behavior.

To give excellent person centred care to a person showing signs of aggressive behaviour can improve their quality of life immensely.

Click here for the Nursing Care Plan for Angry and Aggressive behaviour. 

Physical discomfort

Is the person able to let you know that he or she is experiencing physical pain?

It is not uncommon for persons with Alzheimer’s or other dementias to have urinary tract or other infections.

Due to their loss of cognitive function, they are unable to articulate or identify the cause of physical discomfort and, therefore, may express it through physical aggression.

Is the person tired because of inadequate rest or sleep?

Are medications causing side effects?

Side effects are especially likely to occur when individuals are taking multiple medications for several health conditions?

Patience and compassion are so important when caring for a person who shows signs of angry and aggressive behaviour, but understanding the reason or the triggers for the behaviour is vital.

Every person is unique and deserves to be treated as an individual.

The Nursing Care Plan for this issue must detail where possible what can be done to ensure the residents respect and dignity are maintained at all times and the support they need to have an excellent quality of life.