Care Homes Needing Help with Documentation – Why Planning for Care?

My Care Home desperately needed help improving all the paperwork and documentation. 
It needed to be more detailed and individualised and every nurse and carer had to ensure the same standard of documentation.
I am first and foremost a nurse, and love being a nurse and I operate a Grade 6 Award winning Care Home in Scotland. 

I wanted to help my own and other Care Homes achieve excellence and meet the ever increasing demands of the Care Inspectorate.

I have had so many different people inspecting my Care Home and found that each of them had slightly different opinions and ideas about  what should be and comment on the content of our Care Plans and assessments, nobody could tell exactly what they were looking for and what would tick every box.

The increasing demands of the Care Inspectorate for the correct paper work means that trained nurses and carers are spending too much valuable time writing and re writing their care plans and assessments

I wanted to produce a system that would guide any nurse or carer no matter their abilities are to produce an extremely detailed person centred Nursing Care Plan.

This would enable anyone reading it to understand exactly what assistance the resident requires and what abilities and preferences they have.

In particular I wanted the nurses and carers to explore and get a real picture of who the resident is not just what issues they face.

I wanted the Care Plan to identify exactly what the resident could or would like to do themselves thereby encouraging and supporting them to maintain skills and remain as independent as possible.

I also wanted every Nursing Care Plan to be so precise and informative that any agency nurse or bank worker could deliver an excellent standard of individualised care.

Every elderly person deserves to have excellent care delivered in a dignified way.

The Nursing Care Plans produced by Planning for Care, focus on respect of choices, dignity and a person’s individuality.

They ensure that no matter what the resident’s difficulties or issues are, whether communication, mental health or otherwise, their voice is heard and their preferences and choices are respected.

The Planning for Care system and documents have dramatically improved my Care Home service.

The paperwork is much easier to complete, is far more detailed and takes less time to complete.

That means my nurses and carers can give much more time to the actual delivery of care, which is most definitely my priority. 

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