New team to ‘improve patient safety’ at Noble’s hospital

A “patient safety improvement” team has been created at Noble’s hospital, the Department of Health has announced.
The government said the critical care outreach team, made up of qualified practitioners, has been established to “enhance care”.
In 2012, ten hospital consultants wrote to management to raise concerns about standards.
An independent review is currently being carried out by the West Midlands Quality Review Service.
It will cost in the region of £200,000 and take about two years to complete.
The first area to be examined is the care of critically ill patients which Health Minister David Anderson said was his department’s priority.

‘Improving patient care’

“Providing timely and effective intervention for those who are acutely unwell is essential in providing high quality care,” he said.
“I am certain that this new team will be able to further enhance the critical care services.”
According to the department of health the team has been established by “reviewing and realigning existing expertise and resources within the hospital”.
Clinical lead for critical care outreach, Pam Makin, said it is a “very exciting initiative” which will “further enhance patient care”.
She said: “The team and I are very much looking forward to developing an effective service with a determination to focus on improving patient care and outcomes.”
According to the Health Department Noble’s already has full and comprehensive critical care facilities in the form of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Coronary Care Unit (CCU) served by dedicated and focussed clinicians.
A spokesperson for the department said: “The new team will ensure that critical care expertise and support is more widely available to clinicians who work outside of ICU and CCU, on wards, where the direct and early intervention of professionals with experience in treating acutely unwell patients can be invaluable”.
The outreach service will operate between 07:15 and 20:45, seven days a week.

Source BBC News

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