Nurses to follow ‘moral compass’ on poor standards

As reported in the Nursing Times, Liz Redfern, a former deputy chief nursing officer who joined the NHS as a cadet nurse in 1970, was speaking after receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of Brighton.

    “Some of my proudest moments are when I have spoken up against poor practice whatever the consequences for me”

    Liz Redfern

“There will have been times already that have made you uncomfortable when you have seen practice that fell short of your own personal standards,” she told an audience of newly-graduating nurses.

“You know what you are witnessing is wrong – either technically or morally – and sometimes you will have spoken out and sometimes not,” she said.

People should not be nurses if they do not have a love of the job.

Nursing is a wonderful profession but it has changed drastically over the past 30 years and if the news headlines are anything to go by the changes are not for the better.

More and more cases of neglect and abuse.

Nursing used to be about patient care and supervision of care staff and the delivery of care.

Nursing is now very much a written paper trail of evidence and a disproportionate amount of time is spent ensuring paperwork is kept up to date.

The delivery of care and supervision of staff is now the lesser part of the job but is it not the most important?

Of course it is!

Excellent patient care is the goal for the CQC, NHS, UK government and it is very much the goal for nurses but with poor staffing levels and so much paperwork, how is it possible to do everything? 

An elderly person can have anything from 5 to 15 nursing care plans for a multitude of health and physical issues and numerous assessments to be completed.  

These care plans are basically in depth essays of each issue and how in agreement with the person the nurse or carer is going to deliver the care specific to that issue. Time consuming!

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