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Adult Bib Dining Aid

At Planning for care we understand the need for compassion as well as independence and empathy for those in care. This is why we believe the Adult bib/Clothing protector from Dine with Dignity is an Vital Dining aid should be considered in any care or clinical environment. This product enables more flexibility at meal times as well as accommodating for Spillages. It serves as a clothing protector as well as dining aid and is fully machine washable and reusable as well as being full disposable bibs.

Dine with Dignity has created an Adult bib which can make dining stress free, for people who have difficulty eating, or people with a disability and where spillages can be a problem. It looks like a beautiful white napkin and has a number of unique and helpful traits.

Eating, and the enjoyment of food and drink, is and always should be one of life’s pleasures. We believe that it still can be with the assistance of an Adult bib to help minimise any spillages

However, for some elderly people, or people with a disability, it can become a daily challenge. This is why we have designed the Adult bib/Clothing protector

Dine with Dignity has been created to meet a real need in the care sector. Dining is an important aspect within care and should be a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all.

Many medical conditions can cause great difficulty with the physical act of eating and cutting food into bite-sized pieces, holding cutlery, and successfully getting food from a plate into the mouth. This is why we believe an adult bib is important to help maintain dignity and cleanliness when eating.

Drinking can be equally as challenging. It is so important to ensure that the experience of eating and drinking is a pleasurable one and that all issues are addressed in as dignified way as possible.

Take the stress from dining

  • Protect clothing from spillages – Adult bibs can absorb liquids and reduce the impact of a spillage by acting as a clothing protector
  • Save carers time- Bibs can help save carers time by negating the need for a change of clothes thanks to the material stopping the food or liquid staining or touching clothes
  • The adult bibs are made of 6oz double layer polycotton
  • Absorbent – Bibs are excellent at absorbing liquids and foodstuffs
  • Washable- Bibs can be washed and reused

Adult Bibs serve as excellent clothing protectors and are ideal for use in a care environment. Reducing the stains and damage that can be caused by spillages and reducing the impact of spilling food.

At Planning For Care we understand how important Dignity and empathy are in a care environment. An adult bib is an excellent tool which can be utilised to prevent food and drink spillages from causing distress or damage to clothing.

Bibs are important in a care environment as they can enable those in care to have more freedom and independence at mealtimes. Furthermore, bibs also reduce the cleaning workload in a care environment as bibs are machine washable and disposable.

Purchase an Adult Bib today and help take the stress out of dining


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