Anaemia Iron Deficiency Nursing Care Plan



Ref: CP04

Iron Deficiency Anaemia Nursing Care Plan

Iron deficiency anaemia is a condition where a lack of iron in the body leads to a reduction in the number of red blood cells. The body needs iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid to produce more red blood cells. If there is a lack of one or more of these nutrients anaemia will develop. Red blood cells take up oxygen in the lungs and carry it to all cells of the body. The cells use the oxygen to breakdown sugar and fat which then produces the body’s energy.

The Anaemia Care Plan caused by a lack of iron sets out a clear explanation of the resident’s issue, and will guide the nurse or carer through the process of preparing a comprehensive, individual person centred Care Plan which deals specifically with that issue.

Iron Deficiency Anaemia Nursing Care Plan Features:

Identifies the symptoms of the iron deficiency anaemia

Details a comprehensive plan of care

Identifies possible complications


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