Covert Medication Administration Care Plan



Ref: CPP070

Covert Medication Administration Care Plan

Covert medication involves administering medicines in a disguised form, both in food and drink, to a resident who is refusing treatment, when this is necessary for the resident’s physical or mental health and well being.

The Mental Welfare Commission guidance makes it clear that a medical or other health professional must have assessed the resident and have issued a certificate of incapacity specifying that treatment in this manner that should be provided.

The assessment should state that the treatment is necessary for the individual, and the benefit of giving covert medication must be sufficient to outweigh the risks of giving medication covertly. The assessment must take into account the risk that the individual may taste the medication in their food and drink, that this may damage their trust in staff, and that it may potentially lead them to refuse food or drink.

Documented advice must be obtained from a pharmacist about how to administer the medicines covertly, before any administration takes place. Crushing or altering the original state of a tablet can be potentially dangerous.

Any use of covert medication must be recorded, and the process of administration in this manner must be kept under regular review. If any additional medication is required, this must not be administered covertly but should be considered afresh and the decision on whether to administer this new medicine covertly must be justified in the same way.

The Care Plan sets out a clear explanation of the resident’s issue, and will guide the nurse or carer through the process of preparing a comprehensive, individual, person centred Care Plan.

Care Plan Features:

Details the consultation process to be followed

Details any advance care wishes

Details a comprehensive plan of care to administer medication covertly

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