Heart Failure Care Plan



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Heart Failure Care Plan

Heart failure is when the heart loses its ability to pump enough blood efficiently around the body. It usually occurs because the heart muscle has become too weak or stiff to work properly. Breathlessness, feeling very tired and swollen legs, ankles and feet are the main symptoms of heart failure. Acute heart failure develops quickly.

However, chronic heart failure is more common and develops gradually, over time. If the left ventricle of the heart fails fluid will build up in the lungs due to congestion of the vein in the lungs. Effective treatment for heart failure helps make the heart stronger, improves the symptoms, reduces the risk of a flare-up, and helps to enable people with the disease to live longer and fuller lives.

The Care Plan sets out a clear explanation of the resident’s issue, and will guide the nurse or carer through the process of preparing a comprehensive, individual person centred Care Plan.

Heart Failure Care Plan Features:

Identifies the symptoms and issues experienced

Details the comprehensive plan of care

Identifies possible complications

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