Unsteady Gait Care Plan



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Unsteady Gait Care Plan

Gait abnormalities or unsteadiness is a common complaint, one third of elderly people experience difficulties with walking. An unsteady gait can be caused by a disease of, or damage to the legs and feet including the bones, joints, blood vessels, muscles, and other soft tissues or to the nervous system that controls the movements necessary for walking.

An unsteady gait may occur as a result of a temporary condition, such as an injury or infection, or it may indicate a long-term, chronic problem. When unsteadiness is related to a sprain, strain, or minor injury, analgesic and anti-inflammatory medications may be effective for relief. More severe injuries and conditions require specific therapies that are directed at the underlying cause of the problem.

The Care Plan sets out a clear explanation of the resident’s issue, and will guide the nurse or carer through the process of preparing a comprehensive, individual person centred Care Plan.

Unsteady Gait Care Plan Features:

Identifies the cause and the symptoms experienced

Details the comprehensive plan of care

Identifies possible issues

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