Chronic Urinary Retention Nursing Care Plan



Ref: CP0190

Chronic Urinary Retention Nursing Care Plan

As a result of chronic urinary retention, the resident may be able to urinate, but may have trouble starting or emptying their bladder completely. They may urinate frequently, or feel an urgent need to urinate but have little success when trying to, or they may feel they still have to urinate after finishing.

With acute urinary retention, the resident cannot urinate at all, despite having a full bladder. Acute urinary retention is a medical emergency requiring prompt action. Chronic urinary retention can lead to serious problems and must also be treated. Men can experience urinary retention due to prostate enlargement. Women can experience this if their bladder sags or moves out of position, a condition called cystocele.

The bladder can also be pulled out of position by a sagging of the lower part of the colon, a condition called rectocele. Urinary retention can also be due to nerve damage affecting bladder function. Urine is normally sterile, and the normal flow of urine usually prevents bacteria from growing in the urinary tract. When urine stays in the bladder, however, bacteria have a chance to grow and infect the urinary tract.

The Care Plan sets out a clear explanation of the resident’s issue, and will guide the nurse or carer through the process of preparing a comprehensive, individual person centred Care Plan.

Chronic Urinary Retention Nursing Care Plan Features:

Identifies the signs and symptoms experienced

Details a comprehensive plan of care

Identifies the possible serious complications



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